My second original map for Trouble in Terrorist Town. Set in an city train station and loosely-modelled after the Gateway Multimodal Transportation Center in Saint Louis, Missouri. Completely equipped for 64 players. The optimization is awful outside simply because I cannot figure out how to effectively optimize my exteriors and I’m just not sure what to do next… I’ve gone ahead and used every method I do know such as occluders, area portals, and model fade.


It seems incomplete, were you having a lot of trouble?

Elaborate, please. It is still a WIP especially in the Skybox but since thats a small detail I figured I would release it. I do have a lot of trouble using hint brushes outside effectively though

Sorry, I didn’t know, I was confused by the track not going anywhere.

Oh yeah, thats something I need to get around to. I originally resized the track 1/16ths and put it in the skybox but it was fucked up and eventually HAmmer couldnt load it and deleted it. I’ll probably just extend the rails into their own portion of the skybox

Its open source as usual,