Images are the same as the Pimpage Thread for now. I’ll probably add more tonight.

Again, ignore the graphics settings if you can.

It looks great, but is that pink and black supposed to be there for the electical box in the 10th screen?

more looking like some kind of Gas pipe

Nah, it’s just that I forgot to pack in the textures for it and didn’t feel like recompiling. It is an electrical box custom model.

Really would like to play this, is there a link?

you’re such a whore

good map

Being a whore is my specialty. And thanks.

@Katamari, it’s still a WIP.

Here’s some “fancier” graphics settings and more artistic shots.

I love that helicopter. Nice map, got a lot of feeling punched into it.
Oh dear, I see missing texture in second to last screen.

Thanks. Oh and that’s a decal I forgot to pack in.

Are you planning on releasing this? I’d love to use this in a gamemode

Yes I am planning on releasing very soon. I already have my images that will be used for the download, I finally got the elevator working last night, all textures/models are accounted for, I just have some small bugs left to iron out and then it will be released. I will allow porting to other gamemodes as well. Which gamemode do you plan on porting to?

I’m working on a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod, this map would be great for anomalies and poltergeists!

Will those machine guns in the bunker work? I would love using them as a traitor to mow down the poor innocents.

As of now they don’t and there isn’t a way into the area. Might make it work later.

Also the map is going to be released very, very soon.

Nice work