Well I have finally fixed the elevator and pretty much everything else and decided to release this. It’s Alpha though, so there are bound to be bugs I overlooked.

Anyways, too lazy to do more screens so here are some olderish ones:


Here’s the GBanana link too:

Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Great map, you got my download!

Alittle dark in some areas, but looks great. keep on mapping.

Looks pretty fabulous, can’t wait to play on this.
[SUB]not just saying this because I love you.[/SUB]

the outside scenery is pretty fucking rad

This looks amazing, I love the detailed graphics.

This might end up on the TTT server I admin. :wink:
Edit: Just saw it was 86mb, too big :v:

Could you upload this to the steam workshop?

Hi i’m having probs checking the level out when i start it in ttt it goes as far as loading files then crashes to desktop, i can play other ttt maps fine so its not the game does this map use custom content that i might need ??

yikes you guys could have just pm’d me instead of bumping a nearly 4 year old thread.

to answer you both I don’t have any of the files for this map at all anymore. there was a bunch of custom content as well as stuff from ep2 but it was all packed into the map on release so not sure what the problem is there tbh. in regards to the workshop I’m 99% certain some random guy uploaded this map on it at some point. i’ll post the link if i can find it