Hope this becomes a popular map when it comes out. Looking forward to this.

Looks impressive so far, nice job!

it looks like it could also work well for deathmatch

I think

This is really good looking!

Look into The Ship for some props, if you don’t have it I’m sure someone here can hook you up with some models/materials from it.

yep, I’m using those props actually. Some of the can be seen in the interior screenshots, they’re pretty good assets but I won’t be using the textures as they’re too cartooney.

Are we going to be able to swim around the yacht as well?

Another boat map…

Jk, this actually looks pretty cool so far.

And please make it so you can swim around the boat.

Haven’t decided on that yet, currently you can. But I may seal off the outside for the sake of optimization if its needed.

Looks wonderful!
Try to make the yacht look like it’s moving by a scrolling water texture, that would be perfect.

A yacht is a perfect place for TTT, I love this.

when will this be released for download

Can’t make any judgement on that, though I would release a beta version solely for testing if a server owner would put the map on their rotation briefly.

I would be able to if you want


Nice man

For ttt, is it better to spread player spawns around the map or have them begin close to each other? At the moment I have them clustered together on opposite sides of the map.

Keep them away from each other so that it confuses people and scatters the spawns

I HATE it when players all spawn in the same spot. Spreading out the spawns encourages exploration and speeds up the game depending on how far apart they are.

Spread the player spawns. Same for the weapons, don’t make them all (or most of them) spawn in a single area. Scatter them around the map.