My first proper map release!

A TTT map which will almost certainly be expanded in the future. It currently features custom soundscapes and rain particle effects.

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

Please note this is an alpha release, it may have performance problems and the like.

— Changelog —

Alpha 1 (v0.0.1) 4th Jan. 2011
- Initial release!

Alpha 2 (v0.0.2) 5th Jan. 2011
- Tweaked fog colours to blend with skybox better
- Added some detail to the roof of the warehouse & tower
- Heightened the tower and lowered its walls a little to make it easier to see off
- Made the storage building’s ladder easier to climb
- Changed some soundscape settings
- Changed info_player_starts into info_player_deathmatches because the TTT mapping tutorial says so

Looks okay, but a bit dark here and there. Your warehouse is also a tad blocky.

And choose a color that matches the skybox (you can see you 3d-skybox buildings kinda light up from the skybox)

3rd picture looks good.

I like it, probably going to put this on my server when it reaches the final stage.

Updated to Alpha 2.

Am I unable to edit the thread title or can I just not see the change yet?

looks very nice, the pictures give the impression it might be a bit big unless the server is full (I haven’t played it yet, will do in a min)