Tube weapon, Easy model, will pay.

Hello, I’m schumacher as you can tell by my username, I am in need of a custom model for a beanbag weapon I’m creating for my roleplay, It needs to be done by tonight ( ? ) and it would seem fairly easy to create, basicly the model would be a middle sized PVC style tube, a pistol grip styled handle and a triangle (ak47u) type “folding” stock (the stock wouldn’t actually fold, it would be out) as for the textures, They don’t have to be detailed what so ever. The main tube would have to be a PVC type dirty white, with a small black square on one side to represent a bar code (NOT DETAILED, LITERALLY JUST A BLACK SQUARE) The pistol styled hand grip (handle) would be just a square, possible to rip from the glock model, which would be dark gray or black, and the stock could just be some metallic color, Prefferable a unpainted metal, not shiny. Like matt silver. As for payment, I can pay 10-20 dollars easy. Negotiation is possible. This is rather urgent so i would like some quick response, Post on the thread or add me to steam. My steam account name is (NOT MY EMAIL, STEAM ACCOUNT NAME). If you can get this done in two hours, I’ll pay 25 dollars.

Forgot to say, The models animations need to be SHOTGUN/RIFLE animations!

There’s no way it can be done in two hours. Even if I started now, it would take me about 4, including texture. However, I would be willing to give it a shot, although I could only do the physics prop: I can’t make the v_ model needed for a weapon.

Alright. Deal, Add me up on steam.


Considering Gman003 has not responded, Still looking for someone.

YEah, He never replied so i’m still looking for someone to make this for me guys, still payin.

I never got to reply because I was asleep.

Much as I’d like to do this, I can’t animate properly yet, so I can’t meet your revised requirements.

Alright. Well, Anyone else want to earn a quick buck?