TUFF Puppy ragdoll request

With the new game Nicktoons MLB released, I was wondering if anyone can rip Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell from that game and maybe make them ragdolls? Thanks.



Strange Request my friend.

At least someone asked for me and saved me this awkward moment we’re in right now… Although, I personally would have asked for all the Nicktoons in that game.

Oh! And maybe alter the models and materials to match their regular looks from their shows?

yeah that sounds good but I’d like some of the nicktoons from attack of the toybots, so it wouldn’t be a hassel to change them from baseball gear to regular

Well, that’s good for the 'Toons that are in both games and even only in Toybots, or the other three games of the original quadrology, but there are some of us who want the newer characters from MLB. I’d mention Avatar: The Last Airbender characters, but there are solo games of that show with better models.

Why? Haven’t you seen TUFF Puppy?

No I haven’t. I refuse to watch anything on Nickelodeon.

but your avatar is from nickelodeon

I’ve changed it. But I did see the hypocrisy in it.

Then you and I would never get along. If any of you have seen my YouTube or deviantART page, you’d know that Nick is a big part of my life, even at the age of 21.

Doesn’t anyone support this request?

I do, but I lack the resources and know-how to fill it. People can often be pricks about anything that involves “new-school” Nicktoons.

Maybe a reference as to what a TUFF Puppy is

Here’s an image of one of their models in game.

My god…those proportions…

That’s why I suggested touching the models up a little…

I’m more curious what’s with the glowing eye and hand clearly going through the mitt.

I don’t have any real opinion on this one way or another…good luck to you getting them.

I’m guessing the glove comes off the model depending on what position they’re playing in the field. Same with helmets.

:\ means weird… or thinking concerned seeing as I never imagined some one requesting this