Tug of War + 2 bonuses

American Side

Russian Side

Nice scenic details, nice camera angle.

The posing and “action shot” however, could need some work. I’ve found that when doing poses of someone fighting with knives and such, it’s better to have them posed in the process of lunging or in a stance. Although, I’m guessing you wanted an action shot, in which case just the stance wouldn’t be exciting enough. The problem with what you’ve done here, is that they look very unatural.

I don’t think a knife fight would ever go down like that, as you’d use your hands and arms much more.
So you could have either posed one of them in a lunge pose missing the other person, then have that other person posed in a way that suggests he’s about to stab/cut as well.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I love the American Side bonus, but in context with the Russian perspective, it implies a black-and-white, “Americans good, Russians bad” message. The second bonus would have been more effective if it portrayed a form of brutality simultaneously tempered by human decency, such as a Russian officer intervening to prevent one of his soldiers from executing the civilians.

Great work all around. One suggestion, try backlighting your subjects. Purely frontal lighting can sometimes come across as bland or washed-out.

Thanks mate.
This was indeed a tough one to pose. I realized about half way that it is not very realistic, however adding more action would mean that one would be defending and another would be attacking. I wanted to show the stalemate between two sides, two equally strong forces opposing each other. It’s not so much about realism this time as much as it is about the theme.

That’s what I went for, even though it’s not true. The good old Cold War type of feeling.

Another “bonus” about 20 minutes into posing.

they could both be stabbing eachother, would still fit the theme right? A stalemate, but they both end up loosing. Because that’s the reality of it as well.