Tumbleweed needed for a map

I need a tumble weed that is based upon this model:

which uses the following hl2 textures:

materials\models\props_foliage ree_deciduous_01a_trunk.vtf
materials\models\props_foliage ree_deciduous_01a_branches.vtf

Ref pics:


Collision mesh needs to be some form of ball as I’d like to use it as a prop_physics (to blow around in the wind).
Also scale can be roughly the same as the shrub if anything a little smaller.

I’d be most grateful if someone has a bash at this, I’ll credit you in the map.

Edit: comparing the shrub to the ref pics, the shurb is almost the right shape just needs rounding off at the bottom.

Oh god, I looove tumbleweeds, I SECOND this.

^ Thanks for the support though seems like no luck.
nvm, I managed to compile the exsisting shrub_01a as physics prop:


I added $drag (air resistance) 1.0 to the collision model, it certainly bounces around with trigger_wind and env_wind, so I guess it’ll do for now.

There’s a static tumbleweed model in New Vegas.
You should find someone who owns it and knows how to port from it.