Tunnel Buggies

Buggies are by me and Desdon.


And I thought my videos were bad. That was fucking horrible. 5 minutes of you starting and stopping with some godawful blip pong techno. You either had 50000 ping or you really suck at driving. Owned, or get better.

Buggies were kinda cool, bit unoriginal and simple, but still well crafted. Good job, well done. Next time do something interesting in the vid or fucking cut some parts out.

Yes actually, my wireless internet sucks. That’s why I usually record in single player. Sorry bout that.

nah nah, I hear ya man. Every time I try and record something on Sax US (me and karb ridin dutty) its alwas like. presses key - 2 seconds later - car/vehicle react.

Fucking sucks. But yeah. Then I understand.

They’re cute :3


Looks hard to steer lol. It’s kinda like left, straight, or right and no where in between.

Not bad overall.

That is really nice. The steering, I found to be to sharp. But overall very awesome.


I would have used my joystick but it’s even worse.

your rear suspension is incredibly messy, you only need 2-4 ropes per spindle, steering or not.

I agree with MacHardcock, the video sucked, for the love of Christ don’t use techno!

But the buggy looks nice.

There’s a mute button if you don’t like it.

Does anyone know why there still isn’t an 1080p option on my video? I uploaded at 1080p

you uploaded it at a resolution 1080 Y? wow

My words are too big apparently. Hurr cool car I liek them

That’s a terrible idea.

With the most recent update breaking a lot of things, I do not really trust sliders at the moment.

springs as in aesthetics not the actual suspension

I get that, but it still involves sliders. They used to suck, I doubt it has gotten better. Probably worse.

sliders in any form of suspension is absolutely idiotic and will usually result in hilarious failure