Tunnel Help

Okay guys, I just made this archway in Hammer:

But, I want it to look more like this:

How do I do that?

Like this:


…Well, yes, that is the effect he wants, but it would be done with vertex manipulation.

I know, but I’m lazy and that’s quickest to draw.

Well… The Vertex Manipulation tool was pissing me off because it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. What I did was, put another block over the top of the tunnel and clip around it.

This was what I got when I was done:

Seeing as it’s in so many parts… Will it cause lag when played? If so, how can I fix it up?

Oh god, don’t compile with that. You just made a bunch of extra brushes. Grab each outside edge of the arch, and pull it to one of the corners.

Ok fixed:

There you go. :v:

At least you didn’t resort to carving.

Ive seen all to many people carve…


serious failure.

Wow, even I know that’s horrible.