Tunnel Question


Nevermind, Kind of Figured it out and I realized I wasn’t getting my question across right

Well, first, don’t use the hollow tool, it’ll be harder to line up. Second, how exactly are these tunnels going to be like? Are they arched or squared out tunnels?

For now lets just assume they are basic square tunnels.

For basic square tunnels, just make a regular brush and go to Tools -> Make Hollow and type in -16 or any preferable size to extend outwards.

For a rocky mine look you can create displacements for each side, then rotate them together so that they are exactly aligned, then sew them, then you can make another brush for the corner area, round it out, sew it, that’s one way.

I need a square tunnel, but a way to connect them seamlessly at odd angles.

Just clip them to be the right shape. Am I missing something or is this really obvious?

I am taking it that they are all arches circled tunnels rather than square tunnels, which I think he is having difficult with making it all fit together.

Which is why i said don’t use the carve tool.

I did it a while ago with clip tool arch/torus tool it was a pain in the butt to do but I did end up doing it, just takes a lot of trial and error.

Oh whoops, I actually said don’t use the hollow tool, because it’ll be harder to line up the tunnels, but by force of habit, I said don’t use the carve tool, which you should NEVER use.

You do realise that carve and hollow use the same algorithm. You should never use either.

Exactly, I only meant to say don’t use hollow, but accidentally said carve. In either case, don’t use them ever.