"Tunnel Snakes Rule"

THAT’S US! And we rule.


Here is a picture showing the back, detailing the snakes.


NOTE: This is a late WIP skin! I’m planning on releasing it, if anyone would be intrested in having it. (Once it’s 100% done.)

I said it before and I’ll say it again, those glasses are utter shit.
Not really digging the jacket either.

Not bad otherwise. :v:

I kind of agree with larry. The glasses look really obscure. I like the idea though.

What glasses? :banjo:



We need the real Tunnel Snakes jacket.

Maby I can help, Amata is very sensetive about her weight.


By the way I want that skin.


By the way I want that skin.

I was expecting something along the lines of the last frame.

Model link please? Nice posing, too.

That makes me want to read “Watchmen” for the thirty seventh time.

The guy in the middle looks like he’s got an afro.

Those Pip-Boys seem huge.

I killed (I forget if it actually let you) his mom and every other Vault dweller it allowed me to kill when I had to escape. Sold their clothes, bought a handgun and shot people.

… :buddy:

Nice skin. Are you going to release it?

Who doesn’t wanna re-read Watchmen?

Yea, too bad no female vaultdwellers have been made yet! Who knows, maby I’ll try on making that.

Hold your horses, they are not ready for release yet.

If you didn’t read, I have not yet released them! It is still WIP.

Complain to bethsoft that when porting fallout 3 models to valve source engine, they are rather big.

At least I plan on that, but several things needs to be done first with it.

Read to chapter IV last night after seeing the picture.


I’ve already made it to level thirty with good karma, now I’m replaying to get evil karma … then netural karma.

I did evil Karma the whole way :stuck_out_tongue: However I’m only level 14. Decided not to finish the last mission after I noticed it ends the game.


me wants skin :v:

It doesn’t, download Broken Steel and you can go to level 30 and play forever. I have Broken Steel, The Pitt, Point Lookout and Operation: Ankrage (or what ever it is.)


Thought it was a fro.