Tunnel system is Invisible problem? New to mapping.

This is my first map i’m ever doing so far I have been able to solve my own problem but this one got me. I decided to make a tunnel system but once I made it, it said everything is leaking for instance it would tell me Terrorist spawn is leaking then I’ll remove it to test it the result says the lamp is leaking and so on I tried to rebuild the walls ect. Did I make the walls wrong? Sorry for being a noob.

Those walls that loop around look like displacements. Displacements do not seal the world which is why you’re getting leaks. Box around the displacements to form another ‘tunnel’ around them. Make it all nodraw and don’t make it a brush entity.

you prolly have a leak from all your vertex manipulation or skewing of those brushes

displacements do not block vis you should make world brushes to enclose your tunnels then put your displacements inside that, it looks like you are doing that but a bit messy

a fancy way is make your tunnel as world brushes (walls,ceiling,floor)
then select and add them to custom visgroup
select and copy these rough layout brushes
turn off that visgroup
then paste special in center making an exact duplicate of these
then selecting the inside and making them displacements, remove them from custom visgroup
turn back on your brush outline visgroup

then you will have a brush tunnel to block vis and you can make your displacement tunnel fancy as you want if you leave enough room

But I made a giant sky box it loaded but they were Invisible I was still about to stand on em

Use the tools/toolsskybox texture for your skybox, it should look like a blue square with the word skybox in the middle. To choose a skybox texture you go to map> map properties and type in the skybox name.