Tunnels: brushes or displacements?

I’ve been working a bit on my metro 2033 themed map and i’m basically struggling with the metro tunnels construction, here is an example of what i’m trying to do:

i’m going for a diameter of about 3 info_player_start, which appear to be somewhat correct.

So far i’ve been “trying” to do them with displacements, 4 brushes forming a corridor, turn the 4 inside faces to displacement and subdivide once to make them curve in a perfect cylinder. but now i have to make a tunnel “fork” like the one in the picture and it’s just getting too hard…


I thought that was your map and i was about to paint my screen white :eek:
Anyways, Your best using a brush then using vertex editor to fix it to your required design.

The displacements looked sleek as hell tho -_-

aren’t those disps also eating a lot of Mb in map files?

It’s probably a model (if you meant the metro 2033 pic.)

Carve :smug:
Mabye try to use Subdivision?

yeah but i just can’t manage to mend together the two tunnels

What I usually do when I can’t make two displacements meet up properly (for instance, making a 256x256 tunnel meet up into a 2048x1024 cave at a weird angle), is put brushes between the gaps of the displacements and make them look like they’re meant to be there. In your case, concrete or metal brushes should help seal up the gaps.

nod, i’ve been trying now for the past 30 minutes to build the same smooth looking tunnel entirely out of brushes and it’s maddening.

I think i’m gonna try to do what you say thomasfn, on one side using displacements is hard to control, on the other side the alternative is insane…

ok make a bunch of boxes about 256x256 make the cave out of them and then select all the faces on the INSIDE with the texture tool and make them displacements of a power of 3 or lower (4 is bad it is satan)
then subdived.(it will freeze up for a while but it will work)

Painstaking vertex edit?

If you’re worried about the displacements increasing filesize, you could use proper to convert the walls and ceiling to models, while leaving the floor a displacement (for smoother collision.) However, that might cause troubles with lighting and decals.

I normally use the arch tool for man made tunnels and displacements for natural tunnels and caves.

lol In order to make those types of so smooth tunnels I would make them as modelsm but thats quite hard since collision model will be hard, unless you clip them in hammer.

It shouldn’t be too hard to make a concave collision model in 3ds max.

Not hard for someone who knows how to , but for example for me to learn collision model making it took long long time, all those bones attaching etc…

sooo i couldn’t join it the way I wanted…

here is what it looks like so far:

Added a couple of test lights.

I hope i’m not going to need dirt spots all the time to hide that my train track texture doesn’t match the brush rails.

Looks good to me.

I use subdivision for tunnels and caves. Most of the time it works, if it doesn’t I use the vertex editor as suggested above.

That should look pretty awesome when properly textured and lit.

Eh, you don’t need to rig the collision model when it’s a static prop.