Turbosmooth this!

Okay, I’m trying to properly turbosmooth this meshbut it’s yielding over 45000 polies at only 2 iterations (or whatever those subdivision levels are called)
What am I doing wrong?

Using Turbosmooth.

If this is in 3Dmax, every single modeller who has mentioned turbosmooth hates it intensely ^^ So i’d try and use a different smooth I think its “mesh smooth” (i’m not sure though, so wait until someone else replies).

No, there’s nothing wrong with Turbosmooth. MeshSmooth gives you more options but it’s slower, heavier on the system. Don’t give the guy bad advice. And the problem is not in Turbosmooth but the fact that this guy has no clue what he’s doing.

If you’re not making high poly geometry for baking normal maps there’s no reason to touch Turbosmooth or MeshSmooth. You’re probably looking for Smoothing Groups which are accessed through the Edit Mesh and Edit Poly modifiers.

Ah ok, thats why I said to wait for someone else to reply ^^

Actually, heh, I’m trying to make a high poly organic gun for baking normal maps. I have ZBrush and I thought that I needed a high poly base before I could touch it up.

Zbrush is perfectly capable of subdiving geometry. Why don’t you go ahead and show us how good you are with Zbrush. You don’t see too many “organic” weapons around these days.

So… I should make a regular low poly base mesh and do it with ZBrush?

That’s how most modelers work, so yes.