TurboSquid Models into GMOD

Well pretty much as the title says, Looking to find out if its possible to port models bought from Turbosquid.com into Garry’s Mod. If it is possible is there a guide somewhere or someone who would be willing to port it?

Depends on the model most of the turbosquid models are extremely high poly unless they were made for game use in the first place

Well what would a recommended max poly count be for Gmod models?

Really you should try to keep them as low as possible while maintaining the detail you want, The exact limit is a bit hazy really, my 1969 dodge charger compiles fine every time and that is over 32,000 polies. There have been a couple of experimental models made by mariokart64n which have broken the 60,000 mark using several separate reference models. Sometimes the limit is a lot lower though and it can vary from model to model for reasons unknown.