Turkce Rust Server Mod (Turkish Rust Mod)

Kendi serverimda tarafimca turkceleştirilmiş rust server dosyasidir serveri kapatinca paylaşmak istedim inş beğenirsiniz kendi serverimdaki türkler sevmişti :slight_smile:

link : http://s3.dosya.tc/server20/noZsgU/TurkceRust.rar.html
inen dosyalari buraya atın

(this mod is turkish mod I dont pref use this mod ın english server )

Is this a translation of my mod? If not, why is there a RustEssentials.dll

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You removed the credits given to me and Pwnoz0r along with removing the actual name of the mod. Stealing is not acceptable. Please do explain your actions.

only translation I didnt say create

That’s fine if it is just a translation, but you must give credit to both Pwnoz0r and I in your post. You must also specify both in your post and in the in game version message that this is just a Turkish translation of RustEssentials. Sorry for jumping the gun earlier, but plagiarism is wrong and people do it anyways. People have stolen my stuff before, I was just worried.


Teşekkür Ederim. :smile:

ne demek :slight_smile: