Turkey's Progression [WW2 mainly]

So I am learning how to do poses and such, so I am slowly going to dump everything I do into this thread and hopefully receive tips and advice to better myself in screenshots and posing.

**First Pose ever done.


Second pose

third attempt

Not bad, the third one looks pretty good. You’re getting notably better.

You’re definitely getting better, the thing I would say about the third one is that the depth of field does not blend in like it should. I can pretty plainly see a line where the blur starts.
Good work though. Keep it up!

FYI the usual crew for FlaK 18 gun was 5 guys. But that’s just a minor thing, you are clearly improving.

Uh, yeah and they usually are sitting and in place on the gun itself, but I decided to go a bit hipster and just throw two in there. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re improving man, Keep it up.

the poses themselves are actually pretty good, but it doesn’t seem like you know about the camera zoom function and sdof, which I think is bottlenecking your screenshots into subpar.

after you get those down, I think it’ll make a world of a difference in quality. (it’s like the difference between cheap point and shoot cameras and expensive dslr’s)

then you can work on lighting and colors and post processing etc

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they’re both in-game functions by the way

Mind filling me in? I use camera zoom, does that kill quality and what is SDOF?

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By SDOF he means Super DOF. It’s in the post processing tab. And camera zoom means you just zoom in with the camera on your pose.


Just finished this one… I should probably just post everything in this thread for now on… so I don’t get banned…

You are getting better :smiley:
But this is all I could think of when I saw that 2nd screenshot…


I was going for the typical 80’s movie, spread legs gunslinger, many of the old movies with airborne commanders reminded me of it. :V