Turn an image into a texture

Could someone turn this image into a useable texture for me. Thanks.

Just pop the texture in your materials folder. I made it into a decal with some transparency to avoid having to stretch the image to get it into correct dimensions. I didn’t do any actual real editing to the image itself except to remove that black bar and I haven’t tested it either, but it should be fine.

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How about we teach this man to fish so he never asks us again?

Download vtf edit, and you will able to convert .tga’s and I believe .png’s into .vtf’s, then save them to your materials folder then create a .vmt with that tool as well.

That doesn’t help much now does it…

What do you mean? I just taught him how to create a bare simple texture. Of course I didn’t go into any .vmt detail but he can figure that out on his own.

If you’re using photoshop, U can also get the plugin

Thanks, it really helped.

And what would come out using that method is a badly resized texture, probably with the wrong shader type. The Source material system doesn’t lend itself to being figured out easily on your own. If you’re gonna teach a man to fish, at least teach him properly.

You’re welcome. Any problems then let me know.