Turn-based Strategy (War)Game/Wargames - UNSC: 4 - Insurrection: 0


[SP]I was going to edit in some cool HUD but since i suck at GIMP i skipped it, feel free to give it a try yourself![/SP]

All in-game, C&C appreciated!


Reminds me of Alien Swarm- only you’re killing humans.
Very excellent work on this (maybe next time you could add a HUD so it looks like an interfaced RTS?)

Thanks dude! :smiley:

Thanks bro! :slight_smile:

It does, although i was mainly inspired by Door Kickers and XCOM when i did this.

And thanks! :slight_smile:


Frozen synapse with blue overlay off is what i see here.

this is nice i like it , a different perspective is always cool

Reminds me of frozen synapse
Nice work

Good idea, mate. I like it.

Good job as always