Turn down or remove the screen overlay when cold or injured or simply low life level

I really wish the screen overlay will be turn down soon… or completely remove.

It completely fuck up any combat when you get it by a player or bite by animal… even during day time you see a lot less, if it’s night time you are screw.

And when spawning in winter… having to look behind a thick ice plate and seeing only in a small circle in the middle is pretty stupid.

Having this red view when your live level is below 50 is really annoying. You can be like that for a really long time and it never disappear…

I’m ok with all the overlays except the cold one. IMO it’s still way too obstructive. It’s still too intense IMO, especially in the dark.

The others are subtle enough to tell you that something is wrong without overly impeding you.

I’m okay with the overlays. They’re a reasonable way to roughly approximate cumulative damage. I think the idea is that you’re so banged up from combat that your vision is fading / going blurry / losing depth. The shock from that or the cold is diminishing your situational awareness, which is decreasing peripheral vision and reducing your ability to “think” clearly.

I think it’s one of those compromises between “realistic” effects and not ruining the game.

In certain situations they’re not too bad. But try getting down to 30 something health and be really cold at night.

I got stuck outside my house after respawning and chasing someone down at dusk. I started with 47 health, and didn’t take any injuries. After I chased the guy for a bit I headed home as it got dark. By the time I got home the cold had dropped my health to 30 something, and I could barely see where the hell I was going. The overlay is so bright when it’s dark, and both together create this opaque blinding frame around your screen that leaves a little 4x5 inch rectangle to look through.

Don’t mind them except for when you’re a fresh spawn in snow. Guess that will be fixed with spawning at the beach now.

It should be an annoyance but not blind you.

How do my eyes get frosted over or covered with blood splatter make any sense. in RL your vision goes into hyper awareness during a fright/fight/flight mode this is not the same.

also having been survival camping in extreme cold and heat, I never once recall my vision getting frosted over. Deserts and hot services do cause heat blur in the distance but not close or as part of your actual vision.

The ice effect on eyes is generally laughable and irritating in any game. I understand that it’s there to give a clear sign that you’re cold, but that and the blood in it’s current state are over-the-top/annoying.

Too Cold or Too Hot should be the message and a change in HP. if your cold your burning calories so food and HP should go down. if your hot your sweating so water and HP should go down.

maybe a random shiver or fainting spell? that would be good cause it would mess up your aim :slight_smile:

I think the overlay should reflect the severity of the hit. If you get hit in the head. More red, hit in the pinky toe. Less red and so on. I believe that is how it works with the cold. Less overlay at lower percent, eventually getting worse the colder you become.

I am also okay with the overlay. It’s right that your senses, (situational awareness and peripheral vision), would be affected when you are wounded badly. In a melee fight, you would be at a disadvantage if you were at > 30% health, so this should be reflected.

I agree at night it can be hard to see anything when your health gets really low, but again, I think that is about right…

i agree with the op to some degree. i’d like the overlays to be a little less extreme, but the biggest issue is when you get the bleeding overlay combined with the cold overlay without having ever been hit. the bleeding overlay appears to be tied to health at the moment, so if your health has been reduced due to exposure, you end up with both at once.

for a newspawn who needs to wander through a mountain range to get anywhere with wood/animals (which is what singapore official’s map is like was last time i played there) it’s deadly because you have already started with minimal health and it’s very easy to be practically blind before you can even get somewhere with animals to hunt.

the cold overlay only applies when you are currently exposed; the blood overlay should be tied to bleeding status, not health, and the health overlay should just be something simple like darkened vision.

also, the point that it starts should not be 30 hp, but rather 5-10hp. even though a settled player has 100hp most of the time, a newspawn only has about 40hp, and the overlay provides a distinct disadvantage to getting started.


Please stop the in “real life” comparison… it’s a game, game play is the most important aspect and should be place on top of all the other aspect…
Anyway in real life any of this vision effect will be true, except maybe when you will be near to die and then you shouldn’t be able to move or do anything when it happen because you’re about to pass out.

If Rust was a Real Life survival simulator game… nobody will play it because it will be boring as hell.

Yup frost overlay is about right :wink:
Especially if your running.

Not at all… you will never have your vision blur even in this condition.
I know what i’m talking about, I used to be like that often… I live in Quebec Canada :rolleyes:

I live in Toronto and I also ski… and wear glasses and my vision looked like that most days these last few months…

Perhaps these overlays could only apply when you are wearing some kind of headgear? Like in metro. I do think the damage overlay is rediculously OTT though. Red glowing splodge that covers half my screen when I get hit and then I can’t see a damn thing. I die by wolves in the night because after the first hit I can’t see a damn thing anymore.

The cold overlay should be a very subtle frost at the edges, like heat blur, instead of just a white version of the blood smear. The blood smear should be more like a bloodshot eye effect too, and concentrated at the edges.


Or maybe if you find some arctic goggle head covering so you could see way better in the cold tundra… hey how about a crude night vision goggle setup?.. these overlays could be fun and add more depth to the game, and more thought to game play… teams of arctic dwellers all decked out for their environment and teams of desert dwellers similarly decked out… might be a cool idea for future discussion. You would need to plan ahead if you were travelling to a different biome and wanted an advantage instead of a disadvantage.

I grew up in the sub-arctic where our winter lasted from late September to mid May and temperatures were routinely -40º and colder from December to March. I can quite guarantee that the cold overlay has absolutely no reference to real life unless you maybe wear glasses. And even then, at the temperatures of -10ºC and above we deal with in Rust, it would be insignificant even if you wore glasses.

Like I said above, I don’t mine the overlays in general. I just find the cold one is far too intense and obstructive compared to the other ones. And when combined with the low health overlay, it’s just way too much. It just needs to be toned down a bit. Otherwise, the overlays are fine.

Spots of snow/frost building up on your screen that are minimised when you wear headgear, that would be cool :slight_smile: the winter biome really does need blizzards!

Maybe someone coming out of a snowstorm towards you with a pair of these on…