Turn off OOC Talk (Alltalk?)

What is the server.cfg entry I need to turn off the OOC chat? A lot of people don’t know that you need to enter // before text to say it to everyone, and I’m not always on the servers; this may be one of the issues I’m having with the servers being dead a lot.

Well, you could give us a heads-up, what gamemode your hosting and all. But if you mean in general, it’s sv_alltalk 1 (1 is on, 0 is off)

Well generally speaking I mean, didn’t know there was a difference for DarkRP/sandbox and etc.

Looks like it’s not on with other gamemodes. DarkRP just shows

DEAD before every post, and the above command does nothing for it.

OOC chat is out of character chat, used in serious role playing.

I believe ** rp_occ 0 ** will fix your problem.

Add the command to the server.cfg and the autoexec.cfg