Turn off "user's props have been cleaned up" ?

Hi gang,

What is the server side command, if it exists, to turn off prop cleanup? By default, a dedicated server will delete a user’s props if they are disconnected for x minutes. Can this value be changed or turned off?

I tried to do a search on this but the search feature is currently down.

It isn’t by default, since there’s no prop protection in default Sandbox. It’s built into most of the common prop protection scripts.

Q -> Options -> Simple Prop Protection, Uncheck cleanup disconnected players props, or if you’re using Falco, do the same and click the first dropdown menu.

Doh, you’re right. I found out it’s Simple Prop Protection doing it. I found the code in the sv_Init.lua file. I’m trying to find out if there are server side commands I can put in my server.cfg file to disable it?