Turn PvP On/Off certain coordinate areas of the map


For our community server over at www.reddit.com/r/redditrustcommunity one idea is to have different areas that have PvP turned off, for example in an area designed to be a trading post or hotel.

I’m almost certain the functionality isn’t in the game currently, but I was wondering whether something like this will be implemented? I think it will open servers up to new ways of operating and at least provide a little shelter for newbies.

If this is ever possible in Rust, it’ll almost certainly be something that’s provided by mods.

It is not particularly in line with the notions of unrestricted player freedom that the devs have (unless they change their mind in future, obviously, then all bets are off).

True I guess.

Still, even if it has to be a mod, I think it could work on certain types of server, maybe not all.

For reference, this is what I’m talking about.

Specifically this part:

Without having previously read this, it mirrors a lot of the reasons why I picked Rust up in the first place.

I love the idea that I can play exactly how I want.

I’m also excited for how much original content people can create based off this freedom that they can do anything. For example I read about a guy who had set up his own hotel and was charging people to stay there.

These are things that make me excited and passionate about gaming. I think Rust has a tonne to offer the industry and is what inspired me to create the community mentioned above.

Already an oxide plugin for this.

Thanks Larhten, I’ll take another look then, if you have a link that would be awesome.

“What’s stopping it from being a PvP killfest? You.”

This is the most stupid thing in that little passage. If you leave responsibility of anything with players, some assholes will find a way to exploit it to cause grief.

The last part of that passage gave me an idea though. Give them traps they know not to mess with. If you were surviving on an island and knew other people were going to attempt to kill you and/or steal your stuff, wouldn’t you make traps? Something that can injure or kill a player that’s raiding your house…

The funny thing about freedom is also some asshole is going to whine about the other assholes instead of hunting them down or forming a community to fend them off.

I disagree with the first statement. It is ultimately down to players as individuals to decide how they want to behave. Not everyone is going to choose pissing people off. If it happens, then it happens, that’s the beauty of how open the game is. You could always go to a non-PvP server if that fits your style more.

I might be imagining this but I’m sure I saw something mentioned about traps on the Rust Trello when I looked this morning. Worth checking out.