Turn something Admin Only

Hi there,

I just got a new GMod server and I’m setting everything up right now, and I’m wondering; How do you set up a tool or SWEP admin only for use with the ULX Administration System.

Thanks !

Fiddle with the LUA files in the ULX system.

How in the ULX !menu ??

not in the !menu in the server files.

Ah okay, is it also there where I can add who I want as an Admin ? because the Host I had before was automatic in the Control Panel…

Yeah some LUA weapons have it set to admin use only, you just place it in the server addon folders and ULX with automatically set it up.

Okay but if a tool or a Swep isnt, how can I set it, and also where do I set my admins in ULX, is it a file on the server ?

yes a .txt file saying either adminlist or admin. insert steam ids like this

“steamid” “permission”

Do someone know where it is please ?