Turn the TF2's Soldier's F.D.U. into a physical object

I’m making something for April Fools and I need the Soldier’s Fancy Dress Uniform turned from an effect to an object I can have sex with (metaphorically). Oh yeah, hex the blue version if possible.

If done, notify me with a link through PM or in my profile. I will make love to you all night long if you do this (not metaphorically).

and by physical object, I mean not for you to go buy a 3D printer or conjure up some voodoo stuff with a sacrificed virgin goat and try to get a pixelated object from a video game into the real world. Physical as in something I can easily pose onto a character.

I believe I did this before on .org along with hacking the shoulder things off and stuff, I’m trying to find it on .org

okay, bend over

E…e…excuse me?