Turn VAC on at the very least.

okay, first off i’d like to start off by saying that i haven’t had this much fun since the first time i layed hands on DayZ
(spent 800$ on a pc just to play it) i can sit on this game for 5-6 hours at a time easily and it will feel like minutes,
however (and yes i understand this is an alpha and i DO know what that means so inb4 hurr durr alpha)
the hackers on this game are just obnoxious. there are a CRAZY amount and no, i don’t mean just the aimbots
infact i don’t even mind those as much as the hackers i come on here to rant about today. yesterday i built a base
(all sides are metal doors so not as easy to get into) some how, esp wall glitch, lag switch whatever it may be
it is possible for hackers / lag switchers to get into my stuff through my wall (even if the box is in the middle of the floor)
as that is the one they looted after 5 hours yesterday it had happened to me 3 count it THREE times. within that time
now i see this as a game to collect resource build base, armor and weapons bigger. i find it hard to have any real reason to play
because people can just get into my shit no matter what i do. if it aint a c4 duper it’s a hacker lag switcher, i feel this should be addressed
immediately and i’m nor programmer of any sort but i find it hard to believe with the devs making such an awesome game that it would be
hard at all to implement VAC or any other anti hack programs and like i said, ik this is alpha and i do know what that means but still, it’s a bit
disheartening when someone comes along and takes all of your stuff you just went out and got legitly be it through a epic battle, or just farming.
thoughts people/dev’s ?

It is on.
It is not an active solution.
It logs and then bans in waves.

there needs to be more action taken rather than vac alone.

They need to code things into the game which stops cheats in the first place

There wll always be aimbotters and wallers


at the very least they could stop duping and wall looting.

Welcome to alpha testing.

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