Turning a Deathclaw ragdoll into player model

Hello there,
I just found an EPIC deathclaw ragdoll via garrysmod.org.
I need a good modeller to turn this ragdoll into player model (adding skeleton and animations and stuff).
IF you are the guy, add me on steam: reuthekitty.
And yeah, I’m paying you to do this job.

Unless someone does animations from scratch to it’s current skeleton, you won’t see this turned into a playermodel.

The model has completely different dimension and the valve biped can’t be really applied to it.

If someone does this they might as well make player models for super mutants.

Eh, the shape actually isn’t that bad. I’m downloading it now, I’ll see how bad it is if I rig it to the valve skeleton.

Mind you the middle part of the leg isn’t going to move independent of the lowest part of the leg - those are just going to be treated all as the ‘lower leg’

edit: Or not. This model completely crashes gmod and hlmv. Dunno why.

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=867049 Theres a Super Mutant rigged to the Valve Biped in there. I can’t remember if jason or I got around to making that one a player though (best to ask jason if he has or not).

I tried making it a player but the model is fucking huge, so it was squished