Turning off auto refresh on garrysmod


Is there a way to turn off auto-refresh on Garry’s mod?

Prior to GM13 I was able to edit scripts freely without having to restart the server, I could simply use changelevel to refresh new code, keeping the users connected.

But with GM13 when a change in code is detected gmod tries to apply it right away, resulting in lua error, kicking everyone on the server.

So I want to turn off that feature but I cannot find a way to do it.

Can somebody tell me how to turn off auto-refresh?

sv_autorefresh 0

also sv_kickerrornum 0 to turn off the error kicking

You can also use sv_kickerrornum 0 to prevent the users being kicked due to lua errors. That way you can make changes instantly and if there is a lua error it won’t kick your players.

And the above user just had to edit their post to include it just after I had posted.