Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Character Models (WWII SCI-FI Game)


Turning Point Fall of Liberty

(character , weapons, vehicles and animations)

format: psk - psa
bones :yes








(](http://www.mediafire.com/?oed53dcmg36km)note : the models shown in the pictures are only some models)

I am sure these will be useful for something, but I swear to god Turning Point is the worst game I’ve ever played in my entire life.

you have all reason! LOL!!

I hope that someone can do something good with this models.

They had double barrel tanks and transport blimps , you gonna port those over ?

Haha this game sucked shit, it was the first game i got for my PS3.

Anyway, those civilian and resistance models would be pretty useful

These would be VERY useful, please someone D:

The first level wasn’t that bad…

but the rest of it was

Hey, I remember this game… Horrible gameplay, but the story was really interesting. And if that file “Rette_65” is the P.1000 Ratte… Anyway, great job.