Turok 2008 Dinosaurs. Earn some $$$

Ripping the models myself. This is no longer valid

Hey Facepunch. This is yet another attempt to get the Turok Dinosaur models from the 2008 remake into Gmod.

I have been trying to get these models for a very long time. It has been 2 years since the game has come out, and we only have 3 ported creatures (thanks to Lillwasa). What I don’t understand is why wouldn’t someone port these awesome models? They look like gruesome creatures that would rip you to pieces. Isn’t this what we of the Gmod community want? I would think so. I’m personally sick of the same nude Alyx model over and over =P. I would rip them myself, but I have Windows 7.

Firstly, yes I am well aware that there are Dinosaur models. I think anyone with half a brain would visit Garrysmod.org before asking for models. My problem is that they are not very good in my eyes. The science kit Dinosaurs are too scrawny and have terrible textures, and the Dinosaur D-Day models are all but few (with the Tyrannosaurus having no mouth posing). The Turok Dinosaurs also have great detail in their skins.

So here is what I would like, and what you can earn (or be nice and do it out of the kindness of your heart). I would like the major dinosaur species most of all. Tyrannosaur, Velociraptor, Parasaur, Brachiosaur, and Dilophosaur. If I had them, I would be fine. I would like the other smaller species, but they are not needed. Forget the humans, I don’t need them.

I would also like to say that I can live with just the T-Rex. I would do a $25 USD game on steam, or negotiate an amount for paypal. She is the most important model.

So what can you earn? Well I am willing to negotiate a price, but I can say a guaranteed price is one game on steam that is $50 USD or less (if there is more than one game on steam that you want that can equal $50 USD than feel free to go nuts). I can also do pay-pal. Payment will be paid when the models are complete. If you decide not to charge, than you are just that awesome.

So feel free to reply!

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I do not understand because the people does not want porting these models… are impressive!!!

I do know one person who does have plans to port the Turok dinosaurs: Lillwasa.

The only problem is converting US dollars into Swedish Krona.

You can send to his Paypal or have him register one. :downs:

i was also thinking of giving payment for someone to finish my player model that i’ve ported and redone the original model that came from its game, but not really going to do that unless i’ve completly givin up hope on doing it myself.

and no, it was i real b!tch for me to get that one character out of a gamecube game (which took me over 2 hours). sorry but i never want to port anything from a game myself ever again, it was just to much work for me. @_@

That could work.

The random christmas pack of Lillwasa had 2 turok dinasaurs or was it one?
Dunno if he ported more, but if he did he will release them when he got time.

But if you are THAT desperated you might consider send him a PM about this.

Looks like someone is desparate for some Dinosaur secks.

I did. Still waiting for a reply though.

I mean reply saying “I will send you some cash if you finish it”.
And I suggest giving the cash first then expecting the models (if he says yes ofc).

I’m not giving the cash here. Sonicdude is. This is his thread after all.

Parasaurolophus would be awesome.

That would make a handy mount in general posing and for stories.

I have sent him a few PMs over time. He never replied.


Just thought I would add something. Id be happy with just the T-Rex, but it would mean less value in the payment. Look at the OP for more info.

Update: been playing with 3D ripper DX. Guess what? I might just be able to do it myself after all ;D


hey,the first dinosaur looks kind of real

If you do it yourself, T-Rex better be first priority :dance:

Lilwasa already ported that one and released it as part of his christmas pack.