Turok Baby T-Rex and Spitter Raptor

Some months ago someone was working on the Turok Dinosaurs and his next releases would be the Juvenile “baby” T-rex and the Spitter version of the Raptor but the thread went silent. So I’m asking if there is anyone else who can do these 2 so all of the Dinosaurs from Turok are ported.

Spitter Raptor:

Baby T-Rex:

I would really appreciate it if someone could finish this so we got all of them :slight_smile:

Or maybe the person who originally did this could pick it back up again

baaaw baby t-rex so cute

I support this.

If Umodel exports the models fine, then I suppose I can work on a couple of models. :smile:

You are credit to team.

Maybe you could remake the already ported ones with more bones (I think the limit wasn’t 32 bones when the other guy ported them) :stuck_out_tongue:

Try saying that AFTER encountering them in-game. Then they’re just annoying. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also; If all but these 2 Turok dinos have been ported, then where are the downloads for the Velociraptor, (Mini-Raptor, Micro-Raptor, whatever…the little annoying blue ones) the Compsognathus, the Soldier Bug, (Or scorpion, whatever.) and the Lurker? I haven’t seen them anywhere.

Lurker and Dromaeosaurus are in a christmas pack of Lilwasa if im right (They were beta models though) and I didn’t really know about Compsognathus and it seems also Coelophysis is in the game so ye ok makes it 2 more to port and the bug ain’t dinosaurs, the guys working on the Turok ports was doing Dinosaurs and it did that big serpent boss thingy :slight_smile: