Turok Dinosaurs

Delete the old downloads if you want the improved tails.

I removed the old download please download the new one. This also adds the turok size dinosaurs along with realistic sized ones.


Jesus. How big is the blue eyed one in the middle?

Great job my friend. You have no idea how long I have waited for these models.

Do you plan to release the infant Tyrannosaurus and flying dinosaur?

Thanks man :smiley:

Woah. Those are some big dinosaurs you got there.

You are a god!


Jesus christ, these are great.


An infant Tyrannosaur? Sounds rather nice. I like this pack, some of them seem awkward to pose though sometimes.

I nostalgiad so hard when I saw this… +1 heart.

I see you haven’t been able to fix the arm of gigano sadly :frowning:


great work !

Thanks for uploading at filefront.


are you working on turok and the others of the compagny? im planning to make a video

lol Mama Scarface

Where do i add them?

I updated the first post with this:

Dragoshi1 and Xenomoose please tell me what you think about these tails!

Nice job m8, they all work fine and they are all rescalable except the turok hadrosaur (ERROR: cannot find bone Jaw for bbox), and the normal scaled raptor doesn’t seem to be a turok one :o anyway, time to make a godzilla to us in GM Big City map :>

Are you rescaling them your self or are you using the ones in the download? For the Raptor you have another download that has the same name and it is conflicting with the new Raptor. If you have this pack: (http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=446) it will affect the scaled Raptor.