Turok Soldiers

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]Turok Soldiers


[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod



All of the Turok enemies

Credit’s goes to Aspyr Media for making these models.

Just extract the folders into your garrysmod directory.


Have fun.

If you want glowing visors read this!

Go into a material folder for a soldier.
I will be using the sniper (garrysmod/materials/models/TurokEnemySniper)and open the SppwDtmkEmss00.vmt with notepad.(or any other .vmt software that supports it)
Add this line"$selfillum" 1 in between the phong and the other stuff and save. 
Then repeat this with all the soldiers you want to have glowing visors on.


They look awesome! Thanks a lot!

Do these visors reflect light?


Any chance of porting the dinosaurs :3:

Fucking amazing, I was starting to wonder if you were going to ever release some of that Turok content.

i love you have my penises

Awesome work, this is perfect. Thank you.

Where’s turok?

OOOH, the soldiers,lol

Dinosaurs would be cool too hinthint

Can’t you just be happy with what you get?

Yeah. SWEET!!

Bottom left looks like a fat master chief.

Looks good.

So true :stuck_out_tongue:


One word…

RAD release!

Get ready to see this in lots of poses

More guys in armour, can never have enough guys in armour ^^ (these might be useful for something i’ve been planning, do you mind if I use them?)

one tiny question, I have them in the garrysmod/garrysmod folder, but… what do I type into the console to find them…

Can’t you use the browse menu? (I don’t know if GMod 9 has one if your using that, or you could make a spawnlist for them)

Uh they’re not phonged to me.

Nevermind, found them! They are really… bendable… AWESOME! Easier to pose with.

hey lillwasa, at the moment i dont have a program to unzip rare it doesn’t show it with files, what program do you use for this? Winrar?