Turok Soldiers





This picture should be called “Blur used perfectly”

Really nice posing, and perfect editing :slight_smile:

Decriptive title win!
have a palette!

Nice looks good, what gun are they using?

Are those Turok guns I spy?

The guns are from eternal silence lol

Awesome, gonna go check out that mod now.

Amazing DoF!

Very good job on the first one.

These are some of the coolest ive seen on here

Nice work.

Yo Fire Kracker I downloaded that mod but theres no file for materials or models

Posing is perfect and precise.

It has a GCF file that contains everything

you sure? all I have under my eternal-silence folder is bin, hl2 esmod and platform and there aren’t any materals or models in any of those

Your gcf files are in your SteamApps folder

Ah right. well its only in GCF format atm. How do i get it ingame?

You have to use GCF scape and then like

extract them

Great depth-of-field. That first picture is awesome.

Oh my god. This is quality depth of field.

The models could use some more selfillum in my opinion.