Turret Angles / Player Positioning.

Hello Facepunch,
for a few days now i’ve been struggling to fix an issue I’m having, that issue is well… I cannot get my turret to face me, I’m unable to get the turrets angles to face me when I step inside the radius.
I’d apprecaite it if anyone could help me upon this.

Thanks ever so much,


function ENT:Think()

for _, ent in pairs( ents.FindInSphere(self.Entity:GetPos(), 90) ) do
if ent:IsPlayer() and ent:Alive() then
local plrPos = ent:GetPos()
local shootAngles = self.gun:GetAngles()
local shootDir = shootAngles:Forward()

self.gun:SetAngles(Angle(0,ent:GetPos().X,0) )





There’s also this


I’d agree with you on that but the issue with using that method is this function will make the turret look at the players origin point, i.e their feet.

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Where would I put this exactly?

in there

Thanks, it works!
Can you explain why the extra brackets are needed, I don’t get why they are.
self.gun:SetAngles( '('ent:GetPos()-self.gun:GetPos() ‘)’:Angle() )