Turret For a zombie survival

Hi guys , I don’t know if its against the real but i’m willing to pay someone to do a Turret for zombie survival most likely in Noxious Net . Its for personal use and no for any server.

Ok so here what it is

So here what it should do:

  • Same model and animations (constantly doing them).
  • Infinit ammo.
  • 300 HP before getting destroy.
  • Green Beam when theres not zombie and when theres a zombie (Npc or player) , the beam go red and start shooting in the head.
  • Used as a weapon , with only 1 turret.
  • You can rotate it and you can see the ghost.

I will pay anyone that can do this , we can have any middleman.
If you want to do it , PM the amount i need to pay.

P.S: My english is bad.

look at chillzones server, they have turrets

Is the turret free , payable or look like this one in the video ?

Well i guess nobody want because im new ? We can have middleman …

This looks easy enough; how much are you willing to pay?

Well i got 10$ on paypal and arround 8$ on a credit card (prepaid) , but i can wait to get more if its not enough for you

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I really dont know the worth of that :S

I’ll work on and off on it. If I get around to it, I’ll give it to you.

Ok thanks but i still want to pay you … I dont want to you to get nothing after this hard work :frowning:

But if you dont care i can have it for free :smiley: , but please pm the code to me , ok ?