turret model not showing

every time i select the turret tool under the tools tab or wire tab every time the model isnt there and its just blank. but it still works, although this makes it difficult when trying to wire and remembering where you put the turret. I tried the model changer tool, but that didnt work, what file do i need to edit to possibly change this so i can see it.

Do you have HL2?

I have hl2, e1, e2, tf2, hl:lc, and cs:s, so it should be showing up.

It doesn’t matter weather or not you have HL2, every Source game has the HL2 models and materials, sounds.
For the OPs question: Make sure you don’t have a skin on your SMG models.

well i was looking through my files and looked for the turret stool and all i could find regarding models was where it said gmod_turret, and I went into there and everything seemed fine, but Im not sure what to do. maybe the update will make it work. who knows.

so how do I find if there is a skin on my SMG model?

switch to the SMG, and see if it looks different.

Thats what I just realized, it was the halo gun with pink and black squares all over it, so I deleted my models/weapons folder and everything was back to normal and the turret showed up, thanks for the help everyone.