Turret Problems.

I know how to work a Turret when I spawn it, but it will not work.
I do everything correct, Choose ‘.’ and then press ‘.’ and it never works.
I tried all of it, I even asked others for feedback, but they all told me the same thing that never worked.
Can someone help?

Try a different button on the numpad?

I tried them ALL.

Have you got any turret STools?
They might conflict…

Turret STools?
Eh, Sorry. I’m kinda new to Gmod…

Do you mean the turret tool wich is in the “Q” menu?If so make sure there is a button assinged to the turret.Also make sure there is damage,projectile type(the cool animation that comes on when you shoot it) and sound!

Hit the Num Lock key and try it again