Turret tool removed from game? (Except for wiremod)

Hello I haven’t played in around 2 years (or more) and have noticed the turret tool usually under the construction tab is gone now, the only alternative being wiremod turrets that you have to basically program yourself.

I was just wondering when and why it was removed, and if there were any tutorials on making a similar toggle fire turret with wiremod using only a beginners understanding of it.

Or is the removal server specific and turret tool is just disabled on the servers I’ve been on?

Thanks for your time anyhow.

Workshop has some of the vanilla tools that were removed (Turret etc)

Thanks, I did manage to find it and subscribe, it’s still not coming up in the build menu though. Did I get something wrong?

Might be broken or it’s either located in the weapons tab in the q menu top left corner

It shoulda worked, you restarted gmod, right?