Turrets and cameras not saving

So, I created a new world, with turrets, ceiling turrets and cameras. When I save and load the world, they have disappeared. All other things (NPC, props, etc) have been saved.

How do I make sure they stay? They’re essential for my maps.


Update: Striders, helicopters (both the gunship and the other), shield scanners (those who carry the mines) and all stuff from my ep2 addon (hunters, zombine and antlion workers) aren’t saved at all. I tried removing the ep2 addon, it still doesn’t save.

Does anyone have experienced the same problem?

Same problem here.

Ok. When I migrated to gmod 13, I copy/pasted all my old gmod addons, textures and models. Have you done that? I wonder if the problem was caused by copying my old addons, because nobody except you seems to have the same problem.

I’m currently redownloading gmod, I’ll see if it works.

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After reinstalling gmod, it still doesn’t save turrets and other things. :frowning: