Turrets and Mines problem

Watch this video, once you kill them they turn into a static non-solid object… any fix for this?

No issue here.

Thats good for you, but this Thread isnt to say your stuff is working, but how to fix MINE!

You said it like it was some global GMod bug; I just misunderstood you. Have you tried removing all your addons and disabling all your workshop addons?

I already did a clean install, but that did not help, however a global gmod bug is the game crashing when you undo a dupe

This was fixed in the dev version. Try deleting your GMod folder in steamapps/common (backing up anything you’d like to keep), turning off Steam Cloud sync for GMod (properties), and reinstalling from there.

Did a complete clean install with no cloud activated and yet still the game crashes when undo a dupe. There must be some better explanation…

What are your specs? Download speccy and take a screenshot

its not a fucking OS or hardware problem, ffs this is the classic “turn off and turn it on again” advice I get…

This is fixed in the dev version. Either get on the dev branch or wait until an official release.