Turrets appear invisible.

Hey, so this happened a while ago but I haven’t really missed turrets until now. I mean the ones that you make with the tool. Anyway, i can make turrets, adjust their settings and all that, and make them fire like they normally would. However, they have no model, so obviously I can’t see them, but this also leaves them without a proper hit-box so they fall and fire underneath the stage. Any help? And I REALLY don’t want to reinstall gmod, as I have a LOT of addons and extra materials/models to go along with them, and I can’t find ALL the custom content I have. Is there a certain download that has been known to do this? Oh, and could someone please post the model files, or whatever else I may be missing, on some file sharing website for download? I believe this would fix my problem, but if it wont, could someone please tell me how to? Thanks on advance.


wel if ur talking about when it spawns and it goes like underground, it sometimes does it to all of us, so just try to spawn it in a different spot, but if it goes underground and if u some got it out nad its invisible, i cant help u sry D:

Do you have a SMG1 skin/model?