Turrets That Bleed!

I joined a server, and I shot the turret. This is what happened.

Blood came out.

To make sure it was a real turret, I spawned my own, same result.

Kinda humorous actually.







Any reason why this would happen? COMMENT

Holy shit thats some HD graphics man

Yea, they are down currently. I can raise them but I’d rather have a 50 fps with graphics lower than a 15 fps with graphics higher.

But seriously, don’t you think bleeding turrets is weird?

Turrets having feelings too :smith:

Was there any sort of dismemberment mod on the server?

Its a glitch.

No, there wasn’t. I figured it might have to do with some coding mixup.

It’s always like that for me. Figured it’s just a small thing that was forgotten…