Are the Turrets set to only attack when attacked? Someone on my server asked if they were working. We tested it and it only shot at him when he shot at it… anyone know?

They should attack anyone who’s not authorised as soon it sees them.

I had this happen to me today. Built a tower onto a guys roof and came in through his top door to find two auto turrets. Neither attacked me. One let me destroy it and loot the ammo, the other shot at me whenever I hit it (and only while I was hitting it) so I just left it alone while I let my kid hammer down the door.

Who needs C4 when you have a stack of salvaged hammers and a 3 year old?

The server I was on still has not wiped and is modded. Maybe that’s relevant, I dunno.

Mine is modded too. I posted in Oxide’s forums to see if it’s related.

They definitely shoot non assigned players on my server :slight_smile:

they shoot whats in their line of sight unless u attack them then they will do a 180 and shoot u otherwise they stick to their normal degrees (its funny watching a naked dude go right upto one from behind and smack it with a rock)

This is probably a bug in the new update and you’re not alone:

Can confirm this is a bug and has nothing to do with oxide. Same thing for me on vanilla server.