Turtle Implementation

I think they should add turtles in the game. Turtles are cool and they are one of my favorite animals. Plus if you kill them you can use their shells as shields and the meat for turtle soup. Maybe even have pet turtles! I’d name mine “Smiggles” Who else thinks they should add turtles?

Sure, turtles are cool!
You could place small stashes on them and send them out in the world. Everybody likes some goodies and a cool turtle.
I’d name mine “Bismarck”.

Yes, and add them from different age ranges, and teach them the art of shinobi.

Like this idea a lot!

Not long ago, we had a violent turtle in Germany. He bit some girls leg. Extremely dangerous.
I would like a big turtle as a mount so I could explore the map while being able to rotate and shoot. Shells could not only be used as shields but also as cool helmets, backpacks, frisbees (deadly frisbees), bowls and boats.
I’d name my turtle “Snappy”.

Make them snapping turtles so they can at least somewhat fight for themselves, and give them a speed boost so they can chase people, that would be hilarious.

Calling it now: if this ever gets implemented first complaint is how you can’t jump on one while its on stairs for unlimited 1-Ups.

Seriously though, its actually a good idea. While it could be being worked on, makes me wonder why you can’t harvest deer antlers for some sort of use.

Deer antlers + turtle = Awesome HAT!!

I’m in.

Just make some bear fur underwear and you would be set.

Turtle shell codpiece

Ready for war.

They where planning on replacing zombies with mutants no? WHY NOT Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I like turtles.

What if we raise those turtles in a radiation camp. will they become mutant ninja turtles ?


I’d name mine ‘Giggity’. Imagine coming up on the screen. You have been killed by Giggity:quagmire:

Well in that case ill name mine SnuSnu then it would be Death by SnuSnu!

Turtles are nice, you should be able to place c4 under turtles and have them crawl into houses!

I would name my turtle “Bartholomew”


Use the turtle shells as makeshift helmets as well. But turtles are cute i dont want to :frowning:

And turtle surfing ala Pirates of the Caribbean!