TurtleeyFP VMF Release

I decided to upload some of my old VMFs in case anyone wants to reuse them, a lot of them are close to being finished and I’ve gotten a few requests. These are the ones I think are worth continuing - they go back to 2011, so fair warning, I didn’t (and still don’t :v:) know much about proper optimization. Almost all of them need L4D2/CSS/EP2 content, and a few use Dear Esther/Portal 2 foliage which might I upload later. I also ported a lot of stuff from GTA V, so for those maps, you’ll need unique content. I’d upload my whole materials/models folder but it’s like 2gigs so I’ll just upload by category. gm_chaparral and fork_night use some unique content, so if you’re really determined, it’d be a good idea to extract everything from the Workshop BSPs.

GTA V Content - Contains Los Santos models, some foliage/coral, and car wrecks.
Yankton Content - Contains snowy models & materials and (parts of) North Yankton
gm_los & gm_chaparral Content - Contains palm trees, special roadsigns, night windows, and city textures from GTA:SA
gm_fork_night Content - Contains gm_fork_night proppered models, as well as some military props

Turtleey Palms

21 big & small realistic palm trees, with collisions and normal mapping. Included in gm_chaparral content, but here it is by itself.

https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/camden.7z - Needs GTA V Content
First attempt at a coastal map set in Maine, continued in rp_necro_ruralcoast so there’s not much here.

https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/coastalcity_turtleey.7z - Needs GTA V Content
Modern mansion, my submission to the Coastal City collab that (maybe?) died. I’m working on expanding the map, but bad planning meant the interior scale is really messed up, so this is best as an exterior.

https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/gg_mazebank_3.7z - Needs GTA V Content
Tried porting Downtown Los Santos into GMod. It fit, but with no dynamic lighting on props it looked bad so I switched to CSGO’s engine. Then I realized there weren’t any collisions, so I’d have to block it all out by hand… Might be ok for an SFM release, where you build the collisions yourself as needed. Some textures need to be changed from VertexLitGeneric to LightmappedGeneric and others need to be given $translucent/hooked up with their alpha.

https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/gm_chaparral.7z - Needs Los/Chaparral content and Dear Esther (extract it from the Workshop release)
60,000 downloads and 20fps can’t be wrong :v:. My first real map, a small town in the Nevada desert - specifically, I put it 26 miles from Ely and 50 miles from Eureka, indicated by the roadmaps ingame. A lot of photo research went into this. Lots of landmarks and stuff to do, downside is I didn’t know how to properly optimize. Now you can be the among the first to find the super secret easter egg underneath the map! Thanks to blueberry_pie for the underground bunker cut from gm_fork. PM me for the VBSP used to generate the desert shrubs.

Chaparral Frundtech
https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/gm_chaparral_frundtech.7z - Ditto
A post-apocalyptic version for Frundtech RP, a Clockwork server, so this is much more optimized than the original. Removed a lot of furniture, props, details, etc, so it’s a better starting point for edits.

https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/gm_fork_night.7z - Needs custom content from workshop release
A nighttime edit of gm_fork. This is still my favorite map (thanks in no small part to blueberry_pie’s great original work) if only because I couldn’t nail an atmosphere like this again. I also live in an area where I’m constantly reminded of this map :P.
Compared to the original Fork, I’ve restored the train tunnels to be fully working and added some new interiors/locations. The city part of this map, and this fanart made on Chaparral inspired me to make…

https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/gm_los_v5.7z - Needs gm_los-chaparral content
Los Angeles at night. I probably spent more time on Google Earth than in Hammer, and watching lots of LA movies to capture the lights of the city. Originally based on Koreatown-Echo Park but ended up looking more like Glendale, tbh you could remove the palm trees and set it anywhere in the world. I stopped working on it after hitting the lightmap limit, which is an issue I’m still trying to resolve if anyone has tips. If you want to help finish this, add me! I really wanna release this but probably can’t do it alone. Thanks to oskutin for rp_Luoto.
See also https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/turtle_lights.7z for templates of the lights I used in this map.

North Yankton
https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/gm_yankton.7z - Needs Yankton content
Another GTA V port with no collisions. Night + snow seems to help mask the lighting bugs, so it might be worth continuing.

Big castle, old collab with a friend.

Two modern apartments that use Sathor’s Mirror’s Edge props, good for SFM and posing.

See also https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/25362malibu.7z, a third house based on a Malibu beachhouse. I thought there was a lack of modern houses for SFM and GMod :stuck_out_tongue:

Old map. A massive tundra generated from a heightmap for a Hunger Games mod. Lots of trees and more trees.

Industrial Templates
Some industrial buildings for BlackPhoenix’s original Metrostroi.
Update: vmf corrupted

LA River
Proto-gm_los, when I was still messing with color and lighting. Still has some unused buildings.

Unnamed HL2RP Collab
Untitled collab for Facepunch’s HL2RP server with Rowtree and Master of Stars. I can only take 1/3rd of the credit, but it’s been a few years so they’ve agreed to release it. The idea was based on verticality - lots of winding stairs and narrow passages through downhill slums, with the Nexus at the top of the hill overlooking everything. Lots of cool shanty town alleys, a bar, sewer system, and a bombed city block used as rebel HQ, were planned. Currently has a 32-room apartment building, some businesses, a subway, and an insanely elaborate Nexus which could be reused for other HL2RP maps. Don’t ask me why 50% of the map is below sea level though :P.
See also https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/Maplayout1.7z for the original plans, if you’re interested in finishing it (and add me!).

Wanted to make a NYC map for a long time, this was a prototype that was later turned into a full map I’m still working on. Featuring the apartment from FRIENDS.

Torrington Frundtech
https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/turtleey/rp_frundtech_torrington.7z - Needs Yankton content
Winter edit of rp_torrington, expanding it into a full map of farms and wilderness. Atmos compatible, has a full bunker with scripted airlock & decontamination.
Several months later I decided to fix this up, and released it as rp_isolation. Check it out, I’ll release the source for that soon.

Babby’s first map :’)

Second attempt at a coastal Maine map. Had plans for some Walking Dead-ish landscapes of rolling farmland, forest, and a small seaside town.

I’m still sad I never finished this. TLOU-inspired map of a fully urban city, barricaded and divided into sections by huge walls. It’s still occupied by survivors who’ve found ways around the quarantine line, underground or by the rooftops. Each section has differing amounts of human presence, from trading hub to fully overgrown. In theory, lots of tall walls are what makes sectioned maps like C18/Downtown easy to optimize.

My first actual map. A lot of it is ripped from CSS, but this is where I started 5 years ago.

One faction has an underground bunker, the other has an FOB built on an airfield, set in the German forest. Inbetween them is a lot of wilderness, small villages in the woods, capture & ambush points, and ancient castle ruins. They fight for control of a hydroelectric dam at the center of a ravine, in the middle of the map. A lot of the buildings are from Oskutin’s VMF release, so a lot of credit and thanks goes to him. It’s technically a full edit/overhaul of the original Highlands, so the displacements are very patched and messy with seams everywhere. Overhauling them to create proper roads and fix the seams proved to be too much of a headache. If you’re good with displacements, it’s about 50% to completion.

Updated! Here’s 2 more:

Corona - Needs Los-Chaparral content

An attempt at (loosely) remaking GTA:SA’s South LS, from Idlewood to Long Beach. I did some quick math and the Hammer grid might be big enough for it. RP servers might like it for nostalgia + the meme factor of CJ’s house.

Union - Needs RealWorldTextures

A replica of Union Station in Los Angeles, had plans for the 1930s Art Deco interior. Probably would’ve merged into the above map.


Thanks to glitchvid for offering to host these.

Those look awesome.

I have a raging boner of excitement right now. So on behalf of the gmod community I thank you.

I’m making a massive day-z like map for gmod, copying and pasting some of you’re downright amazing content here will make my life alot easier. Thanks, look forward to crediting you on the completed map.

All this looks amazing, Turtleey! It’s interesting that you’ve attempted a Maine map twice, it certainly looks similar to what I see every day :v:
Good work!

i officially retire from mapping

This is amazing.

Thank you very much for deciding to share these masterpieces with us humble folk.

Wow, these maps are absolutely amazing! This makes me want to get into mapping.

This is some fantastic work, particularly gm_los and rp_highlands. I really enjoyed checking those out, even in their uncompiled state. Thank you for sharing :smile:

I was wondering what happened to the Coastal City Collab. Shame it died. Thanks for being able to at least release part of it.

I’m really diggin’ a lot of this work, great job! I’ll probably be taking some time to study from stuff like gm_los, chaparral, and mazebank to see how you nailed the atmosphere and environment so well.

I have yet to find a release you’ve made that I haven’t loved the shit out of. Good job man.

Not sure if this is just me, but the industrialtemps file gives me an empty VMF?

Yep. I had the same issue and brought it up with Turtleey. That file is corrupt.

Updated the content. Here’s 2 more:

Corona - Needs Los-Chaparral content

An attempt at (loosely) remaking GTA:SA’s South LS, from Idlewood to Long Beach. I did some quick math and the Hammer grid might be big enough for it. RP servers might like it for nostalgia + the meme factor of CJ’s house.

Union - Needs RealWorldTextures

A replica of Union Station in Los Angeles, had plans for the 1930s Art Deco interior. Probably would’ve merged into the above map.


Can’t seem to find any prop pack by that name. Do you have a link?

Same, I’m trying to open it in SFM and all I’m seeing is this:

It’s like spaghetti.

Fantastic work on the Torrington map.

You really ought to replace the CS:GO error model in your SFM with the regular one :v:

Pretty sure the Mirror’s Edge props that are used are in the gm_los/gm_chaparral content pack though

I’m not entirely familiar with the mapping process, are VMF files useable in Gmod, or are they something that has to be run through something first to be useable?

You have to compile them into a BSP first.