TurtleHead & MosIPos - S3xy NElf LF Cybur!!

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?



Read, reply, rate… if you want.

Finally you made a comic!

Hahaha, i laughed.

Nice work.

I don’t get it

I = idiot
Idiot x idiotic behaviour + hand = punch on the face

Remember kids: stay in school, math is important :eng101:

Nice posing, good editing, but the joke was so-so.

That’s a bad Turtlehead, you know better than that >:(

I’m still a bit dry from the several months of no posing at all…

However, I have great things in mind for the following issue :smug:

I do?

How many shifty back ally deals would i have to do to find the location of this site :ninja:

Here you go, hun. :shlick:

I bet you can get someone’s credit card number by doing something like that

Haha, nice comic.

OH MY EYES! THEY BURN! AH! pours bleach into eyesockets The pictures, they don’t want to go away!

How could I be so dumb? I honestly thought you’d link google or something harmless like that…

Turtle, that’s sick…that night elf chick told me she loved me :crying:

I actually had someone who wanted to buy me any game on steam :toot:

I said no because I’m not a complete asshole.

Do I seem harmless to you? :v:


And that’s all I have to say about that.

Ending is funny as hell. That should be the reaction from any buddy when their friends are turning in to a net porn freak:)