TuT for map system?

i have 3 batteries scattered throughout the map. each have a name like battery1, 2, and 3.

i want to make it were you place it in the slot, the door closes. but i cant seem to get the trigger to work on only the batteries. they are closing with things like boxes and cans. and other crap like that. help?

I think there’s a filter on the “outputs” tab (when you make an output) that allows you to tell it to only accept certain things. Put in the name of the battery you want it to use and that should fix it.

Yea, as chaos lord said, there is a thing called filter_activator_name. http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Filter_activator_name - the linky you will need in case you need help. I’ve used it before in a ZS map, and when you pulled a plug out of the wall (which was surrounded by a trigger texture that was a trigger_once so that when the prop hit the trigger, all the lights in the bunker went out. And to make the trigger only triggerable by the prop, I used filter_activator_name.) After all the lights went out, red emergency lights came on and a zapping sound played. It was pretty epic. Now 'nuf said.

Yay, I’ve never used that and I was right…:v:

it worked, thanks.